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Swagmat Silicone Rings for Women. Feel the Difference Yourself

There's a reason we have thousands of 5-star reviews for our women's silicone rings. Here we have dissected our reviews and presented the most noteworthy features as discussed by our customers. 

We also read some of our competitors' silicone ring reviews and in particular their negative ones to support our findings. Read on to see what we discovered.

Our Warranty and Free Silicone Ring Promise is Popular

Swagmat Warranty Card

Swagmat is well known for our free replacement of a silicone ring and free shipping if you didn't get the most comfortable fit the first time. Although we do hope that you check out our ring sizing video and guide before you order.

But if you do get a ring that doesn't fit you can get a new pack sent out to you at no extra cost. Instructions are on the back of the pack.

Feel free to click on any of the reviews below to enlarge for easier reading.

Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings

This is just the beginning of the best customer service there is...

No Metallic Coating That Rubs Off

Discolored Cheap Metallic Coating on Silicone Ring

Cheap silicone ring with metallic coating that rubs off from normal day-to-day wear and tear.

Some manufacturers tried to imitate the look of a metal ring. Unfortunately, some brands use a superficial metallic coating on the surface that eventually rubs off.

We read one review where a customer merely washed her hands once and the coating already started coming off like glitter. Not the best look.

Best Value For Money?

Great Value Silicone Rings

Our customers say they're grateful for the price point. Why pay more than you need to? We all know a little piece of rubber doesn't have much intrinsic value. Especially relative to the precious metal wedding rings they are replacing. This is all without sacrificing quality.

Swagmats' womens' rings are of the highest quality silicone there is. They're hypoallergenic and therefore won't cause skin irritations. Sure it's true that it's difficult to put a price on the finger you are trying to protect. I mean it could be life-changing if you had an unexpected injury to your finger, that's just how bad they can be. But our women's silicone wedding rings will break away if an accident occurs just as our most worthy competitors' rings do.

I know you have options. But, next time you think of buying a silicone ring, ask yourself... why not buy from Swagmat where the quality is just as high and only need pay as low as 1/3 of the price or even less?

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If you want to wear the best unique wedding ring, you're in luck because we want what's best for you... and that's looking good at the best price.

No Gimmicky Grooves On Top Of The Ring

Grooves on top of the ring will collect dirt

Generic ring with grooves outside ring where dirt and germs can collect

It's not so much the gimmick, to be honest, that bothers us. We actually think some rings out there look great with all their groovy little patterns. If you've ever weeded a garden or diced meat in the kitchen you have to keep in mind that some things you come in contact with will get trapped in those grooves.

Any grease, dirt, and bacteria are going to get trapped there and you will have to take that extra step and time to even more thoroughly clean your ring before moving on with your day.

No Gimmicky Grooves Under The Ring

Grooves under the ring can harbor dirt and bacteria

Generic silicone rings with grooves under the ring where germs and dirt can get trapped.

Now this one has become a bit of a fad lately. Do you really think that having little grooves under your ring is going to make any difference? Airflow grooves? I mean come on really? They're only going to be a few human hairs deep. Not very convincing ventilation is it. It's a great selling point though.

But some have said even more moisture gets trapped in those grooves under the ring increasing the likelihood of 'pruning'.

You know like when your fingers look 'prunish' after being in a bath too long.

What about Swagmat?

Swagmat Silicone Ring Packets

Swagmat has been a silicone ring brand since 2015. We'll continue to provide the highest quality silicone rings at the most affordable price. Who knows, with your support maybe we'll even get some of those crazy grooves you all like so much and some nice - properly - blended metallic infused silicone colors. Of course, new styles are coming out all the time. 

Our rings are so light and comfortable you won't even know you're wearing them.

Remember it's risk-free. If you buy a size that doesn't fit, let us know and we'll send you the size you need (with free shipping) and, no need to return the original pack of rings.

We've even thrown in a 50% off purchase card in the pack for any items in our catalog for yourself or a gift.

So What are You Waiting For?

Woman on skateboard at beach wearing Swagmat silicone rings for women

Check out our offers, buy today, and save some money. But first, start with our sizing video.

Then it's time to think about ring width and color. We have a range of women's styles and colors that have been popular since 2015 and still are. We also have our newest neutral tone collection of colors you can sort through.

Or if you want to learn more about men's silicone rings check out our buyers guide here on silicone rings for men.

So go ahead, give us a try and feel the difference yourself!


Do silicone rings work?

The function of a silicone ring is to express your commitment to another person just the same way a traditional metal wedding ring would. The difference is that it is far safer to wear than a metal ring. It is designed to break away if caught on something moving or your hand is moving at any significant velocity that could cause an injury.

While we cannot vouch for other brands, we can wholeheartedly tell you that for these requirements yes Swagmat women's silicone wedding rings work... while you work or play with peace of mind.

What is the best brand of silicone rings?

Although there are many options. Swagmat's top-of-the-line silicone rings for men and women are designed to break away under extreme stress to avoid injury, not from day-to-day use. Our customers love our brand for our value for money. We offer no-nonsense styles and an exclusive guarantee for life at the right price. That is free shipping and no hassle of returns for a pack that didn't fit the first time.


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