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Women’s Silicone Rings Women Love to Wear

Silicone rings have been around a little while now and for the foreseeable future, they are here to stay.

But Just quickly...

Why are Silicone Rings Popular at All?

  • They protect your finger from injury (ring avulsion)
  • Protect your wedding ring from loss or theft 
  • A high-quality silicone ring is more comfortable than a traditional wedding band

Both men and women have been rocking silicone rings for years now, and there are usually a few differences between the two favored styles. In this article, we'll explore women's silicone rings, women love to wear in 2021.

The Classic Rub-Over Dome

Swagmat rub-over 5.5mm wide dome women's silicone rings

Swagmat's classic 5.5mm wide dome style women's silicone rings.

Swagmat currently offers 3 different widths of this style. We have the 5.5mm width which is our most popular silicone ring for women. 

Coming in at a close second is the stackable 3mm size.

Then there is the thicker 8.7mm, of the sort that men like but some women prefer too.

The popularity of each type of ring has been so balanced, we now offer the 3 different width styles in one pack and in the top trending colors of 2021. But we'll circle back to that later!

The Stackables

Swagmat Stackable Silicone Rings
Woman wearing Swagmat stackable silicone rings for women

There are many different styles of stackables on the market. But first, why are they called 'stackables'? Well because they 'stack'. One on top of the other.

You can pick two... you can pick twenty-two and stack them all on top of each other and mix and match the colors you want. However, for that latter amount, you would need really long fingers.

The 'Thick' Rings

Woman on beach reading book wearing 8.7mm wide Swagmat silicone ring

Ever since Drake went on about 'big beautiful women' (BBWs) on the Nicki Minaj single 'Only' way back in 2014. Being 'thick' is still in vogue and thick rings are catching up.

Swagmat has a range of the classic rub-over dome-style silicone ring in 8.7mm. They were originally designed for men, but women from coast to coast are finding this style to be more to their tastes.

The Silicone Engagement Rings

Swagmat doesn't make these quirky shapes as they look a lot like the rings kids might get from a gumball machine. I'd show you an image but we don't really want to mention any names and embarrass anyone.

We can see from search results everywhere that this is beginning to look like a fad. Some women fancy them but this is the last time they'll be on a list like this on our blog.

Swagmat doesn't make quirky shaped engagement rings as they look like the rings kids might get from a gumball machine!

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The Airflow Grooves

Grooves under the ring can harbor dirt and bacteria

Generic silicone rings with grooves inside the rings

Unlike the faux engagement ring designs, this one has taken the silicone ring world by storm. There are rings everywhere now with different design grooves under/inside the ring. While you can't tell from the outside of the ring, the theory, or should we say... marketing hype? is that these grooves, around a millimeter deep, apparently help air move under the ring between your skin and the rubber.

While that's nice and not ruling out creating some of our own. To be honest, your just paying for patterns under the ring that you can't see when you're wearing them. Unless you're flying through the sky with your fingers pointed forward like a superhero you're probably not going to notice any 'air flow' effects.

In our experience, there are no less comfort effects with a smooth bore. 

Metallic 'look' type

Metallic sprayed on coating peeling off silicone ring

A cheap silicone ring with metallic coating that's rubbed off from day-to-day wear.

You won't find this type of silicone ring (see image) with us. For good reason. The way they are made is with a metallic looking coating that goes over the silicone. Looks great when you buy it but then that metallic material that looks so pretty rubs off, and quicker than you think. Not the best look.

The main reason people buy these women's silicone rings is to replicate the look of a real gold, silver, or platinum wedding ring. This could be either to have a safer more affordable 'copy' of their own ring, or it could be that they have an allergy to the metal.

Discolored Cheap Metallic Coating on Silicone Ring

Another generic ring with metallic coating that's rubbed off over time.

Women's Silicone Rings: COLORS

The 'Evergreen' Popular Colors

Swagmat rub-over 5.5mm wide dome women's silicone rings

Woman at beach showcasing some of the most popular Swagmat silicone ring colors

With almost 6 years and hundreds of thousands of rings sold all over the United States, we can unequivocally tell you (because I just looked up our sales report going back 2 years) the most popular single silicone rings sold by color.

Ordered with the most popular at the top:

  • Black
  • Purple
  • Gray
  • White
  • Turquoise
  • Pink

Any surprises there?

But in the past 1-2 years, a trend has taken shape that appears to be an extension of current fashion trends...

The Neutral Colors

Young woman wearing neutral colored Swagmat silicone rings for women

Young woman wearing neutral colored Swagmat silicone rings

The neutral and earth tones as a color scheme have gained popularity; the nudes, bistre, and the like. That's why we have decided to take the most popular shapes. Our signature classic dome and offer all 3 widths all in one pack in the most popular Neutral/Earth tones of 2021. You can check them out here in our 'Motley Crew Collection'.

Buying for Yourself Or your Significant Other?

If you're buying for yourself then you may just follow these simple steps to purchase:

  • First, since you're already on our site there really isn't much need to look anywhere else 😉
  • Then check out our ring sizing video and find your size. But remember we also have the best customer service and the best warranty. If you get a ring that doesn't fit, we replace it free, without the need to return the original and with free shipping.
  • Then go to our catalog here and browse around for the style and sort through the colors you are drawn to. A lot of our line items are sold in popular packs. Our most popular women's pack is this pack of four.
  • Once you've selected your options, add to cart, add in your address and payment details and we will ship out in 24-48 hours.
Young Woman receiving silicone rings womens as gift

If you're buying for someone else, the second step (identifying ring size) will need a little creativity if it's a surprise gift. Try and identify the colors and width she/he likes to wear. If you can find out her/his current ring size you could just match that but if their current metal ring looks tight it might be best to add a half size up. If you can do that, we've been told our silicone rings make a well-received, affordable, and unique gift for men or women.

If you're interested to learn more about men's silicone rings check out our buyers guide here on silicone rings for men.

Unfortunately, at this time we can only ship to the United States but plan to ship to the United Kingdom and Europe very soon.


What is the best silicone ring?

The answer is simple. The best option is Swagmat silicone rings. Why?

  • Safe hypoallergenic grade silicone rubber used in manufacturing
  • Popular value packs of a range of colors are available
  • The most popular design that can look good with any outfit
  • They're comfortable no matter how many 'airflow' grooves other brands say you need
  • Best price point around
  • Unique Lifetime warranty: We replace the ring with a new silicone ring for free and no need to return it if you don't get the correct fit. With free shipping too! You simply have to fill out this form or just email us at info@swagmat.com.

So, enjoy our exclusive lifetime warranty and renowned customer service. Shop around our site, find your colors, find your correct size, add them to our cart, and order today.

What does it mean when a woman wears a black wedding band?

As I noted earlier black is our most popular 'color' so this question deserves an answer here. As it's been said before, black goes with anything and the answer could be as simple as that. But it has also been noted that for some it could be a sign of:

  • How strong the wearer's commitment is; 'eternal commitment'
  • Strength, power, courage, conviction
  • The wearer is a swinger or POLY (potentially approachable for sexual advances) if worn on the right hand but if it's the right-hand middle finger could indicate the opposite indicating they are asexual
  • To minimize attention; there is nothing of value to steal (as it is obviously not a precious metal)

Can you wear a silicone ring all the time?

I do, but I do take it off when I sleep. Rubber doesn't breathe very well and might be worth removing from time to time if that's more comfortable. If the ring was too tight in the first place or your finger is not used to it, you could find there is some 'pruning' on your finger where the ring covers.

It's a lot like if you spent too much time in the bathtub. But otherwise yes it's fine to wear silicone rings all the time so long as the quality of the silicone is hypoallergenic food-grade silicone such as Swagmat women's silicone rings. 

What's the point of silicone wedding rings?

The simple answer. They're designed to keep your finger safe. A silicone ring is designed to break if caught on something. If your metal ring gets snagged on something, that's moving or you're moving... well you could use your imagination but just don't Google 'ring avulsion' if you have a weak stomach. You've been warned.

The 'point of wearing a silicone ring' becomes amplified in higher-risk environments. For example at the gym or at work, particularly if you're very hands-on, etc.

In a related story, it might be easier to learn more about the experiences of late-night TV show host who almost lost his finger, Jimmy Fallon's story for some context here.


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