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Don’t Make These 9 mistakes When Purchasing Men’s Silicone Rings

When shopping around for silicone rings for men who lead an active lifestyle and don't know where to start or what to look for when shopping for a silicone wedding ring, then you've come to the right place. Here are some things to avoid when shopping for men's silicone rings.

1. Buying from a Silicone Ring Brand that doesn't support a free replacement 

silhouette people jump for joy for replacement of silicone rings
Swagmat Warranty Card

At Swagmat, we pride ourselves on our warranty. If you purchase any ring pack and discover after trying your ring on that you didn't get a good fit, be it too tight or too loose, we will send you a new pack in the size of your choosing. This is our way of saying thanks, our commitment to you.

This is what you enjoy when purchasing with us if you got the wrong size:

  • No need to return your original pack
  • You will not pay shipping either
  • You get your new pack with the correct size in about a week.
  • You only need to fill out a simple form that includes your original order ID confirming your purchase and the size you are seeking.
  • (Optional) Share a photo wearing your nicely fitting silicone ring on social media 🙂

But, prevention is better than the cure, which brings us to...

2. Not measuring Your size before you buy

Swagmat silicone rings sizing instructions

Swagmat ring sizing instructions. The result is then referred to our ring sizing chart.

No matter who you buy from it's a good idea to check your size before you buy and get your correct measurement. Even with our exclusive offer of a free replacement for the wrong size, no returns needed and free shipping (See Above). No one wants the inconvenience of having to wait around a week for the next pack to come out. Or worse, with some brands, there is the hassle of doing returns, possibly re-purchasing then needing to pay shipping for a new set of wedding bands too!

Don't just match it to your current ring either. Some brands might have a different sizing system based on a different region or whatnot so their band might run large or small. Swagmat has a quick animated video explaining the best way to get the correct size rings and a ring guide to match the ring size. Check it out here!

Just quickly, FYI Swagmat has more options than most for sizes, from as low as size 3.5 all the way up to 17, and half-sizes in between in most cases. Enough to pretty much cover any fingers for any guy out there.

3. Paying too much 

Paying too much for your silicone rings?

A Swagmat silicone ring is made of the highest quality silicone rubber there is. But unlike a traditional metal wedding ring, it's still rubber. Didn't you spend enough on your precious metal wedding band already? So why not save a few dollars and go with the leading brand in medical-grade silicone wedding rings for men, that have the best value for money?

So with Swagmat, you know you're getting the best price.

4. Purchasing Metallic (Coated) Silicone Wedding Bands 

Discolored Cheap Metallic Coating on Silicone Ring

Cheap metallic coating on silicone ring that rubs off with wear and tear.

Many people prefer a silicone ring that emulates the look of metal wedding bands. Hey, we don't blame you. Admittedly some of the higher quality rings out there look fantastic.

Why you might ask then should we beware of metallic-looking silicone wedding bands? Because if they're cheap - and some of these are still out there - the metallic coating rubs off!

Some brands, whose names I won't mention, do not blend their metallic powders into their silicone mixture and instead go for the less durable cheaper option of putting a superficial coating on the outside.

As you can see from the image above, they don't look very nice once this occurs. We even came across one customer who claims the coating came off after washing their hands!

To make matters worse, if they contain nickel, those allergic are more likely to get skin irritations too. This brings us to...

5. Buying from a brand with low-quality Silicone

Rash on finger from wearing non-hypoallergenic silicone ring

Rash due to wearing non-hypoallergenic silicone ring.

The biggest problem with cheap silicone rubber is skin irritations. We did some research back in 2016 and went through dozens of brands and samples. Some rings would start to itch and we stopped wearing those quite quickly before the irritation got worse.

It's very important to buy silicone rings that are medical-grade silicone rubber, not just... well... rubber. In some of the samples we compared, you can feel the difference. Some were almost 'slimy' to the touch.

Those slimy itchy rubber bands also seemed to be magnetic to every piece of dust they came in contact with. Not a good experience.

Although we didn't test this since we don't know the composition of the materials they use, you might find they tear easier and not respond to changes in temperature and humidity well.

Side-by-side they don't look that great either.

Any Swagmat silicone band is:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Latex-free
  • Contain no toxins
  • Nonporous
  • Non-Conductive

6. Buying Rings with grooves on top of the Wedding Band 

Grooves on top of the ring will collect dirt

Generic silicone ring with grooves that can easily trap germs and dirt.

There are some nice styles out there. We know. But designs that incorporate little grooves, notches, and crevices on the ring are just places for dirt and all kinds of gunk to get trapped in. 

If you work with your hands as a tradesman or woman, or in the garden or anything like that, you might want to take a pass on a wedding band that doesn't have a smooth finish. It will be just one more thing you will need to keep checking for dirt buildup

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 ...and will require extra cleaning when washing your hands.

7. Buying Rings With Grooves Under the Silicone Wedding Bands

Grooves under the ring can harbor dirt and bacteria

Grooves on inside of ring in contact with skin can collect dirt and harbor bacteria.

The idea behind these grooves under the ring is supposed to allow better 'airflow'; to allow the skin on your finger to breathe better and prevent moisture from being trapped under the ring.

Now that's all very nice, but it's debatable whether that works. It's also debatable whether they are as sanitary to wear as a smooth-bore inside the ring. We haven't gone to a lab and done any scientific experiments. But hear me out.

Professor Lucy Wilson, in the department of emergency health services at the University of Maryland, when talking about where viruses could potentially lurk stated, it would be...

“reasonable to assume that it could be on any type of jewelry.”

So what happens if you have extra little grooves or channels under the ring?

Studies show that health care workers who remove their rings and scrub them can remove bacteria. However, viruses are smaller than bacteria and that doesn't necessarily mean they are removed. Especially when you have more crevices - such as intentional grooves in the rings' designs -for bacteria and viruses to hide.

As jewelry historian Elizabeth Doyle said, “Rings set with gems can collect lotion or debris behind the stones,” Doyle said. “It is important to keep this area clean for many reasons. That buildup can be a prime place for bacteria or irritants to collect, which can lead to skin irritations...”

So that sounds like it's not the best idea to buy rings that have extra grooves and places for bacteria, viruses, and dirt, and gunk, like moisturizer and whatever to get stuck in.

Even just good old H20 getting trapped there could lead to more instances of 'ring pruning' and skin irritation.

At Swagmat we take a holistic approach to safety. It is not just ring avulsion you need to consider in regards to protection, especially in a pandemic or post-pandemic world.

8. Not buying from A brand that gives 50% off next purchase of a Silicone Ring

With Ever Swagmat Ring Pack You get 50% Off Next Purchase

With Every Swagmat Ring Pack You get 50% Off Your Next Purchase

This is a bonus that we do. There is a 50% off thank you card that comes in all packs of Swagmat rings. We have a vast variety of options so if you couldn't make up your mind this might be a good option for you as a gift or a different style or color for yourself.

Just enter the code at your next purchase. This is a one-time offer per customer.

9. Buying a Split Dual-Tone Color Down The Center Of A Silicone Ring

Stripe Silicone Ring Torn
Stripe Silicone Ring Split

These types of rings are going out of fashion and/or popularity (is there a difference?) and perhaps part of that reason is that they don't always last.

There is a separate strip of silicone rubber in the center and it tends to split away at that weak point in the design. Avoid these types of men's silicone wedding rings.

Quickest and Easiest Way to avoid these mistakes When Shopping for a Silicone Wedding Ring? 

By purchasing from Swagmat, you can be certain to avoid all these little traps. Now that you know the mistakes to avoid you can shop with confidence and purchase at the best price point with us.

Check out our range of size, thickness, and color options and don't forget to check your size first.

And remember our customer service (which is often talked about and highly regarded) if you need further information or have any questions.


What are the best silicone rings?

Swagmat Silicone rings but of course we are biased but as we outline in our 9 mistakes to avoid. Anyone purchasing a silicone wedding ring from us, avoids all these problems for those looking for no-nonsense mens silicone rings for active lifestyles at the best price and comfort.

What’s the purpose of silicone rings?

Silicone wedding bands are designed to protect your ring finger from danger in the form of degloving (ring avulsion). This can happen if your metal ring gets caught on something, whether it is a nail or at the gym, moving a fridge, hanging a key on a hook, rock climbing, etc. Although participating in sports or working with machinery are among the most common cases of danger. It could happen in the most unlikely, random places, at home, work in any profession, or play.

For late-night show Jimmy Fallon, he tripped on a rug at home and caught his wedding ring on the corner of a table, nearly losing his finger.

Keep your precious metal wedding ring at home, safe for special (and low-risk) occasions, and display your commitment by wearing a Swagmat silicone ring as the alternative choice for everything else.

How tight is a ring meant to be?

You should be able to rotate the ring comfortably while the ring stays in contact with your finger for best comfort.


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