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12 Best-Kept Secrets in Silicone Rings | Women’s Buyers Guide

Women everywhere are looking for an alternative to wearing a traditional metal band when out and about, at the gym, and elsewhere. There are plenty of options. But, If you're just starting out with your shopping journey and looking for information on purchasing silicone wedding rings, you're in the right place.

Below we've compiled a list of the most important things to consider when purchasing from a silicone ring brand.

1. Beware the Metallic Ring 

Discolored Cheap Metallic Coating on Silicone Ring

Some manufacturers don't blend metallic powder into the silicone, but only apply it to the surface which eventually rubs off.

Some silicone rings have a nice metallic look to them. Many emulate a traditional metal wedding ring and some even go further with their varying metallic colors. But it should be noted that not all metallic 'look' rings are the same.

Some manufacturers do not blend the metallic powders into their women's silicone rings but instead only coat the ring in a metallic material.

The trouble with that is, it can rub off from normal wear and tear and much quicker than you might think. We've heard of the coating coming off from just one hand washing the first day it was worn!

Once the coating starts coming off it really doesn't look good. One can only wonder about the kinds of skin irritations this type of band could cause.

2. Grooves On top of the ring 

Grooves on top of the ring will collect dirt

Generic silicone ring with grooves on top that is a trap for dirt and germs.

Some sellers have grooves and patterns and all kinds of debossed decorations. While these silicone wedding bands may look appealing they can be a bit difficult to keep clean. Any moisturizers and buildup of gunk and dirt are annoying to cleanout.

The only thing worse than stuff getting trapped on the ring is under it...

3. Grooves under the ring

Grooves under the ring can harbor dirt and bacteria

Grooves under the ring can trap germs, dirt and moisture.

In the last few years, there has been a big trend by brands to include their own version of the 'airflow' grooves underneath their rings in varying styles. The theory is that this allows the skin under the ring to breathe better under the ring.

That's all very nice but as before, any kind of debossing in the silicone such as these grooves are going to allow more dirt and moisture build-up.

The other thing is, there is no evidence to show that it makes any difference in comfort. The debossing would need to be very shallow as women's silicone wedding bands are not very thick. If they were thick enough to allow for deeper grooves would you really want to wear them?

We always see complaints in reviews for some brands that say they feel like they're wearing a car tire as the rings are so thick.

Also, it just allows channels for sweat to build up in there, potentially making any 'pruning' effects worse.

But it's not just dirt and sweat that gets trapped...

4. Silicone rings and hygiene

Woman wearing Swagmat stackable silicone rings for women

Woman wearing Swagmat stackable rings at the gym

At the time of writing in June 2021, though subsiding, the pandemic rages on. We've all in a way returned to our childhood where we are reminded to wash our hands often and thoroughly.

Lucy Wilson is a professor in the department of emergency health services at the University of Maryland, Baltimore. She affirms that viruses could be on any type of jewelry.

Disinfecting your rings is important and it makes more sense to wear a smoother style ring without too many crevices, gaps, and cracks to clean up. Thus, lowering the risk of bacteria and unfortunately in the world we live in now, virus build-up!

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The good news is that any silicone ring is going to be superior for constant hand washing (except cheap metallic silicone wedding bands as mentioned). Read on.

5. Silicone rings can withstand chemicals better

Swagmat silicone wedding bands in packaging with hand sanitizer

Using hand sanitizer when wearing Swagmat silicone rings - No problem!

The great thing about silicone rings, as opposed to metal rings, is that they can withstand soaps and hand sanitizers much better.

So a smooth style silicone ring appears to be the best choice in this day and age.

But wearing your silicone ring for washing all the time? Is that advisable? Well... read on.

6. Not all rubbers are created equal - Hypoallergenic 

Rash on finger from wearing non-hypoallergenic silicone ring

Skin irritation due to wearing non-hypoallergenic silicone ring.

It's important to ensure you are purchasing medical-grade silicone such as everything in Swagmat's range. Hypoallergenic silicone is as safe a material as you can get and that's why the FDA approves it for food contact.

There is next to no chance of any skin irritations unless in the rarest of cases you had a silicone allergy.

Skin irritations would appear as a slightly raised rash, bumps, and itchiness in the affected area. Keep in mind this is not the same as 'pruning'.

Pruning of the skin is similar to when you stay in the bathtub too long and your skin wrinkles like that of a prune. This can happen when your finger is still getting used to the silicone ring and will usually go away after a week or two of wearing it.

Otherwise, it could be that your ring is too tight.

7. Lighter and more comfortable

Woman holding white Persian wearing Swagmat silicone rings for women

Woman wearing white 5.5mm Swagmat ring on right hand and Swagmat Stackables on left hand

Compared to metal rings, silicone rings are much lighter and more comfortable. In fact whether you go for the thicker 8.7mm range or the classic 5.5mm width, or the narrow 'stackable' 3mm ring from our catalog, you'll find they are all much lighter than your traditional wedding ring.

If they were a little looser, you don't need to worry about gravity dragging on the ring down to the knuckles, giving you that sense of dread they could fall or fly off.

Instead, it feels like you are not even wearing a wedding ring at all and no matter what you do, your finger will be safe. This brings me to my next ... not so much a secret.

8. Designed to tear so your finger doesn't

Woman's Swagmat silicone ring caught on nail on door will not harm her finger

When a quality silicone ring is caught on something, it will stretch or break, leaving the finger unharmed.

Okay, so this is no secret. This is why silicone rings originally exist. I'm sure by now you've all heard about de-gloving or ring avulsion. If you haven't then it's a good thing I caught you in time. Google it at your own risk. You've been warned.

So, the way a silicone ring protects your fingers from harm is if it got caught on something like:

  • Hanging a key on a hook
  • Jumping from a boat
  • Moving a fridge
  • Tripping on a rug and your finger snagging on the corner of a countertop on the fall (see Jimmy Fallon)

NOTE: (Yes these are real examples of severe injury where metal rings were caught on things)

If it were a metal band, it won't be pretty. It will be painful. You could lose your finger. It could be expensive. You could be out of work for a long time.

If you're wearing a silicone ring, despite its durability, the ring breaks when snagged on something moving fast enough that could cause an injury.

So, If you bought a single ring from Swagmat, you're now out of pocket only $6.90. That's great for any budget and you get to keep your finger!

That seems reasonable to pay for 'insurance' and peace of mind to wear a silicone ring right? This brings me to my next secret... 

9. Are you Going to Pay too Much for your Silicone Ring?

Paying with credit card - silicone rings womens

Swagmat Silicone rings are surely the best value for money with the highest quality silicone for a much lower price point than our major competitors.

But that's not all, we differentiate on a range of things. For example...

10. Swagmat Sends you New Ring Free if Your size is Wrong 

Swagmat Warranty Card

That's right! Never worry about getting the wrong size again. Thanks to our lifetime guarantee, if you purchase any Swagmat ring sets, you get a new set sent out to you for free if your original silicone ring didn't fit properly.

We highly encourage you to check out our ring sizing video guide and chart before purchase. 

11. Epic Customer Service Is Available

Feel free to click any of the reviews below to enlarge for easier reading.

Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings

We stand by this guarantee and exclusive offer. Because...

Our customers enjoy free shipping and do not need to return the original pack too!

Yes, yes we know. We're awesome. Because we have thousands of reviews of customers praising our epic customer service.

Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings

But what to do with the original pack? It might not be easy finding a friend or family member who fits your original pack, but...

12. They Make Great Gifts for Men and Women

Young Woman receiving silicone rings womens as gift

A Silicone ring does make for a great gift if you can get their correct size. If you're buying a Swagmat silicone ring pack for yourself there is a 50% one-time use coupon for your next purchase.

There are people that particularly benefit from wearing a silicone band. (Note: not cats)

Swagmat Silicone Ring Packets

For example, tradesmen and women especially who do any electrical work, since silicone rings are non-conductive. But military, emergency service personnel, medical professionals, construction workers, or anyone working with power tools. The list goes on.

Want to get the lowdown on men's rings? Check out our article here on silicone rings for men.


Here are the benefits of purchasing from Swagmat. You won't find a better offer, promise!

  • not thick. Only 2mm or 0.08 inches.
  • Best hypoallergenic medical grade silicone
  • Make great gifts
  • Free ring pack and free shipping if you get the wrong size
  • Replacement if it tears
  • No debossed grooves on top of a ring and nothing but a logo and the size debossed underneath
  • No metallic coatings to rub off
  • Best value for money
  • Popular design options to reflect your personality
  • Popular color options from bright to neutral tones
  • Great range of sizes in the low and high ends including half sizes
  • A popular range of colors and widths
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Exceptional durability

What's the Next Step?

Glad you asked. Our styles look classic by design. Try Swagmat Silicone rings womens love and feel the difference yourself.

Click the button below to browse our catalog now.


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