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Get All the Facts About Silicone Rings For Men

Here's a little pop quiz to get started.

Who's hand is this? Read on to find out.

Who's hand is this?

But first...

Why do People Wear Silicone Wedding Rings? 

Man holding dumbell wearing Swagmat silicone ring for men

There's no single answer for this, but for men in particular it would be for safety reasons.

However, there's a lot of guys wearing silicone wedding bands as fashion accessories too. 

Silicone rings succeed for both of these purposes while still expressing commitment to their partners.

Let's talk about safety first, the fact is 150,000 people suffer from injuries to their ring finger every year in the US alone.

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How do Silicone Rings Keep Your Fingers Safe?

Man's silicone ring caught on nail on door will not harm his finger

Man's Swagmat silicone ring caught on nail on old door. If his hand was moving quickly, the ring would break leaving his finger unharmed.

Unlike metal wedding bands, silicone wedding rings will rip apart when caught on something depending on the velocity without harming your finger. If a metal wedding band gets caught on something with enough motive force the results can be pretty devastating.

So, silicone wedding bands are the alternative symbol of commitment to the danger of metal jewelry, for anyone, be it at the gym, playing sports (popular with athletes), working with machinery, rock climbing, at the office, or just walking around your own home. Don't believe me about that last one? You will. Read on.

Ring avulsion is no laughing matter. They can be horrific injuries that are challenging for surgeons.

Injury is preventable by not wearing a metal ring or wearing a high-quality silicone wedding ring in its place. If a Swagmat silicone wedding band is snagged on something moving, under the right amount of stress the silicone rings will break apart, destroying the ring but saving your ring finger.

If you did just suffer a ring avulsion injury and you found this article dial 9-1-1.

If you were completely degloved, wash the amputated finger with water.

Put the finger in a bag and that bag in a bag of ice.

Don't let your finger touch the ice directly.

If your finger is still attached, keep elevated.

What to Look for When Buying Silicone Wedding Bands

Man holding cat wearing blue Swagmat silicone ring for men

Swagmat's silicone rings are pet friendly. As seen here with 'Nibbles' the cat with Swagmat's Cloudburst 8.7mm silicone ring.

Firstly ensure that the brand is selling only the best silicone. That's hypoallergenic silicone rubber.

Next, you want to identify your correct size, then look around for the style and colors that suit you.

But what about a warranty? Does the brand replace the ring if you got the wrong size? Not many will or will make you jump through hoops.

Swagmat will send you a new pack free with free shipping if you got the wrong size, without needing to return the original pack too! Of course, we recommend finding your correct size by watching our ring sizing video and matching the circumference of your ring finger to our sizing chart first.

Everything You Need to Know About Sizing

Swagmat silicone rings sizing instructions

Swagmat's ring sizing instructions. After getting result, reference our ring size chart.

You should be able to use the same size as your current wedding band if you have one. But we still recommend measuring the circumference of your finger first and then checking against a sizing chart. This could be different for different brands. For sizing Swagmat silicone rings go here.

Can you stretch or shrink the silicone wedding bands if they're the wrong size?

Yes... and no. Let's start with shrinking. There is some talk going around that you can put a silicone ring in boiling water and it will shrink. That might be true but it won't be permanent. Silicone rings have high flexibility yet are very resilient. They won't change much from the day it came out of the mold no matter what gets thrown at it.

As for stretching, in our experience, we've found that a little bit of intentional stretching could make maybe make a 1/4-1/2 size difference. But the rings won't normally change from casual wear. I have been wearing the same rings since 2016 until recently I went down a half size. I blame a keto diet for that and losing about 20 pounds.

The best solution is if you're buying Swagmat wedding bands, get the right size from the outset by using our measuring guide. If you still get the wrong size, we will ship you out a new ring pack free of charge, and NO need to return your original set. This is an exclusive offer made by us and what separates us from the competition. But that's not all...

The Skin Under the Silicone Ring

Man sawing while wearing Swagmat silicone rings for men

Using any type of tools it's best not to wear metal jewelry

Men typically wear a wider wedding ring and this preference is more so when it comes to silicone wedding bands. The most common width for a men's wedding ring is 8mm in a range of 6 to 10mm.

Despite our large style, patterns, and color options in our collection. Our most popular style is our original and widest ring for men. They are 8.7mm wide. So there is a little more 'skin under the ring' for most.

It's important to get a size that fits correctly for comfort. If the ring is too tight and strangling your finger you're not going to be comfortable and your finger is going to end up looking like a prune if too much moisture is trapped there.

There is no need to go too tight as the weight is virtually negligible, especially our rings which are only 2mm thick. The comfort level is at the point that you forget you're even wearing it.

Quality of Silicone

Man wearing Swagmat's boulder grey silicone ring for men

Swagmat's popular boulder gray 8.7mm wide ring

The best silicone is medical-grade silicone.

Medical or food-grade silicone is hypoallergenic and safe for wearing day-in-day-out. If you get anything other than this, you open yourself up to:

  • Skin irritations (in the form of raised rash, bumps, and itchiness)
  • Could feel slightly 'slimy/sticky'
  • Attract every piece of dust or pet hair around

Always purchase your silicone ring from a reputable brand for maximum comfort and to avoid irritations.

Does the Brand Have Good Support?

What would define 'good support'? Let's start with a lifetime warranty. That means a replacement of your ring due to its untimely destruction.

Some larger brands will exchange your silicone band if it's the wrong size. That's nice.

At Swagmat we go further than a simple exchange or replacement. This is what happens if you get the wrong size Swagmat silicone ring:

  1. 1
    You will have instructions on the back of the packs of exactly what to do, ultimately leading you to fill out an online form that takes about one minute.
  2. 2
    We get your details and ship you out a new pack
  3. 3
    Your new pack in the correct sizes arrives within the week.

Don't believe me? Okay I'll let some of our awesome customers explain. Click/tap a review to see the larger readable version.

Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings


  • You will not need to return the original pack.
  • You will not need to pay anything more, not shipping. Nothing.
  • We love to hear from you if you need any information or have any questions.

Do you Really Need to Spend so Much on a Silicone Wedding Ring?

Paying too much for your silicone rings?

One could argue, how much value can you put on your hands and/or the loss of income that you would sustain if you lost work and had medical bills. If you were choosing home insurance policies between company A and company B and they gave you the same coverage but one was a third of the price?

Now what?

But of course, not all silicone bands look or feel the same.

Swagmat silicone rings, are from casual observation, about a third of the cost of most major competitors. We may not have the same options of designs and variety of colors but we offer a no-nonsense, classic low-dome shape, of the highest grade medical silicone in existence.

They're only 2mm thin so they're super lightweight and therefore are not that 'car tire' look and feel some have complained about with other brands, that bump into your other fingers leaving your fingers wedging.

Swagmat also offers our epic guarantee on removing the pain point of, "What if I bought the wrong size?".

As I said, we have you covered. Remember, you just need to give us a week and we'll send you the size you need, guaranteed and no extra cost or inconvenience to you and no returns necessary!

Some Known Problems with Men's Silicone Rings

Metallic coatings

Metallic sprayed on coating peeling off silicone ring

A messed up looking, cheap metallic coated silicone ring that has worn off from everyday wear and tear.

Some brands market and sell metallic-looking rings that try to emulate a metal ring or just look glittery (mostly women's rings for the latter). That's fine but some don't blend the metallic dust into the silicone and are just a coating that will sooner or later... rub off!

Then they just look awful and you don't want this stuff rubbing off all over the place just from washing your hands. Or using hand sanitizer in a pandemic or cautious post-pandemic environment.

Different colors in the center 

Stripe Silicone Ring Split

These dual color rings will split eventually.

This seems to be going out of fashion. For example, if you were a firefighter and preferred a black ring with a 'thin red line' going down the center then you might need to exercise some caution.

Some manufacturers will have the different color as a separate silicone section. It runs down the center and this creates a weakness in the ring and it can just simply split from day-to-day wear.

What's the Next Step?

You should have learned a lot if you read this far about what to look for in a silicone ring and the brand that makes them. Plus you'll know here at Swagmat we take the hassle out of any sizing stress with our guarantee of free replacement, no shipping to pay, and no returns necessary. You'll also know we have super lightweight comfortable rings that our customers have been raving about since 2015.

Do yourself a favor and don't waste time. Don't shop around. Get started now by browsing our catalog. We have loads of styles with the features discussed. There is a design to suit any lifestyle for every guy. Order today and put your gold ring away! Don't forget those sizing instructions too here.

Wait! I almost forgot!

It was Jimmy Fallon's hand! Did you get that correct? He injured his hand at home while wearing his metal wedding ring. He almost lost his finger.

Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger in an accident at home because he was wearing a metal ring

Jimmy Fallon almost lost his finger when he had an accident at home, because he was wearing a metal ring that caught on a countertop when he fell.

That's it. Stay safe guys! 


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