Perfect for life with little babies that I kept poking with my wedding ring 

"Working with kids, you don't have to worry about your ring getting caught on anyone's clothing or scratching anyone. It's so colorful and fun the kids love it as much as I do! I will be ordering more in other colors to match more outfits." 

-Catherine, Lonaly

Why Buy Swagmat 

Silicone Rings? 

Worried About Sizing? Don’t Be…
    If it doesn’t fit, just let us know and we’ll ship you the size you need. No need for returns, no hassle, period. Check out our ring sizing video first.
Got Sensitive skin? That’s okay…
    Our rings are hypoallergenic. They’re the kind of silicone rubber the FDA approves for eating on, in or with.
Fast Shipping
    Within 2 days of your order. We fling ‘em out the door like hot frisbees.
But… are they like.. Chunky or somethin?
    They are as smooth as marble and only 2mm thick. They’re so light and malleable you won’t even notice you’re wearing them.
But It Could Break or Tear!
    They are designed to break under stress. If they tear, just let us know and we’ll ship out a new one free. No need for returns. You can even keep your finger. You’re welcome ;)

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What Our Customers Say...

Great rings, would buy over expensive alternatives!
"Since these 3 testimonials are just Great rings for a great price. Before i had bought the expensive Qalo ring because i have been loosing a lot of weight and my wedding ring no longer fit. I also work with my hands daily so it seemed great.

The Qalo ring ripped within 2 months and it was triple the price for 1. I've had this 3 pack for a couple months now and I'm still on the first ring with no tears or signs of wear! Would definitely recommend this over Qalo rings any day, and these don't put their brand on the top of the ring, the thing i liked the least about Qalo was they had to print their logo on the ring, this is my wedding band, not an advertising piece..."

Joe A.

Great Price, Great Service and Great Products!
" I bought these for my wife when she is working in the yard or we go on trips. There is no reason to take chances on losing your diamond wedding rings when you can something as comfortable and affordable as these for those occasions!

The sizing is perfect and she really likes how they feel and how light they are on your hands.These are great silicone rings. I would and have suggested them to others. Great Price, Great Service and Great Products!"

Robert H.

No finger loss here.
"I have a friend that lost his finger getting his ring caught while jumping off a truck. That’s not going to happen with this. Even though I love the ring my wife bought I will wear these at work. Had it on for two days now and I don’t even know it’s there were I’m always worried of losing my wedding ring and I take it off at work. So nice look and a peace of mind of safety"

Greg M.

Wish I had know about these a month ago!
"Right after I almost crushed my engagement ring while doing "weekend activities," I saw my friend wearing one of these. Awesome solution! They are so comfortable! I forget it's there, even on the mountain bike. And no more $400 ring repairs."


Great customer service

"Great silicone rings and serve their purpose. What makes them five stars though is the company. I ordered the wrong size (totally my mistake) and they worked with me to make sure I got the right size for me. They were very friendly and responsive. I will have brand loyalty now with this company because of how they treated me."

Adam D.

Rugged and Comfortable
"I purchased these silicone rings for two reasons. First, I lost my wedding ring and needed a way to show everyone that I had already met the love of my life. Second, I'm in the military and needed a ring that was comfortable, safe, and would stand up to the rigors of military training.

These rings delivered on all counts. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but this pack comes with THREE of them! You can change up the color based on your mood or because, like me, you lose one every few months.

Honestly, I'm sorry that I didn't purchase these earlier. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong."


High Quality Product and Supplier
"These silicone rings are comfortable, durable and of high quality. I have worn one of the rings while doing heavy outdoor work, and it shows no signs of wear.

I also recommend doing business with Swagmat, as they fully stand behind their product. I had a minor glitch (not quality related) with my first order, and Swagmat went beyond my expectations to make everything right. Given the quality of the product and the service I received, I would gladly shop with this supplier again"

John W.

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