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Classic Monochrome Silicone Rings


These timeless rings feature simplicity with a stark look.

This design is well-refined in a few different shades and elevates an aesthetic vibe.

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Swagmat Classic domed designed 3 pack silicone rings . These rubber wedding bands for men are ultra-light and thin that you don’t even notice wearing them. They are made of hypoallergenic material that is perfect for all skin types. While you keep your finger safe, you can mix and match this with your outfit for the day or evening.

Silicone men’s wedding rings are a functional wedding band for those who work with their hands as it is durable, non-conductive and versatile. These men’s silicone wedding bands are the most alternative ring for the gym junkies out there and don’t want to scratch or damage their traditional metal ring. For professionals that needed to take their traditional ring off with a high chance of misplacing it, these men’s silicone rings are for you!

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Product Specification:

  • 3 Ring Pack
  • Width: 8.7mm wide (.34 inch)
  • 2mm thick (1/16 inch about as thick as a nickel)
  • Color available: Black, Medium Gray and Dark Gray.

Product Features:

  • Made with the highest silicone grade that won’t stretch over-time.
  • Non-conductive rings perfect for electricians.
  • This silicone band has a high tensile strength, meaning they are less likely to split during day-to-day wear and tear.
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