Classic Popart Silicone Rings Set


Know More About: Classic Popart Silicone Rings Set

Trending everywhere in North America, women are going crazy about these silicone wedding bands. Aside from keeping your ring finger safe, Swagmat silicone rings for women can be mixed and matched with your outfit for the day or evening! These silicone ring bands are comfortable for women who lift, hike, climb, dive, hitting the gym and to those women who work with their hands.

Product Specification:

  • 4 Ring Pack
  • Width: 5.5mm wide (.22 inch)
  • 2mm thick (1/16 inch about as wide as a nickel)
  • Color available: Pink, Turquoise, Purple and Black  

Product Features:

  • These silicone bands have a high tensile strength so they’re less to split under day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Non-conductive rings.
  • Made with the highest silicone grade and hypoallergenic; perfect for all skin types.

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