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13 Reasons Why You Should Buy Swagmat Silicone Wedding Bands For Women

1. Free ring if it doesn’t fit

Yep, it's true! Buy any silicone ring pack in Swagmat's catalog and if it feels too tight or loose you get a new pack free. Instructions are on the back of the pack but it's pretty simple. There is an easy form to fill out. Of course, we recommend you check out our silicone ring sizing guide here.

Swagmat silicone rings sizing instructions

Click this image to go to our ring sizing chart to reference your result to match your size.

But wait there's more! You don't even need to return your old women's silicone ring pack, so hassle averted. Your mission is then to find a friend who will fit your original rings and maybe post your best happy snap with your new rings for social media. Don't forget to hashtag us 😉

If you're still skeptical, It's okay we can let our awesome customers do the talking. Click on any of the reviews to enlarge for easier reading. No one likes doing a return but everyone likes getting the right size fitting ring with minimal hassle.

Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings

2. Great Value

Great Value Silicone Rings

This one is a no-brainer. We are by far the best price for the highest quality silicone money can buy. We may have simple women's designs and less fancy features, but read on and you will see why.

3. Color won’t rub off

Discolored Cheap Metallic Coating on Silicone Ring

Cheap metallic coating on silicone ring that rubs off with wear and tear.

This is in regards to some lower-quality metallic-looking women's silicone rings out there. The metallic powder, be it bronze or whatever is more like a glitter coating and not mixed through the silicone. So they look great in the photos but after a little wear and tear the 'coating' rubs or wears off. Leaving a pretty ugly beat-up-looking piece of rubber on your finger.

We even found one customer of a brand (no names mentioned) who claim she washed her hands once wearing their silicone ring and much of the color came off on the first day of wearing it.

Speaking of washing your hands, you might have to do that a little longer if you want to own the next type of ring.

4. No Grooves to Get Germs Caught in

Grooves under the ring can harbor dirt and bacteria

Generic black rings with grooves inside rings for dirt and germs to get trapped in.

Grooves under the rings? Yes, it's become quite popular and everyone seems to be jumping on the trend with their own designs. The idea is that there is less contact on the skin with the rubber so it's supposedly more comfortable. But considering this is significantly a small surface area to make any difference, the grooves are not going to be that deep, so we have our doubts.

What we do think is that this just makes a more unsanitary environment for bacteria to thrive. In a pandemic-infused world, it's more important than ever to keep our hands clean. This article on today.com explains that viruses are smaller than bacteria and...

Dr. Fauci said (he) "...was 'somewhat serious' when I said we'll never shake hands again".

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Particularly with women's jewelry, there are 'tiny spaces or gaps' where particular material and moisture can get stuck in. So if you want to wear these types of women's silicone rings, for best results, you better wash with warm soapy water, a toothbrush, and pat dry too.

5. Hypoallergenic silicone ring | best quality rubber

Swagmat silicone wedding bands for women at the beach

Okay, you're going to see this word pop up everywhere when shopping for silicone rings. But what exactly does 'hypoallergenic' mean? Oxford Dictionary says "relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction." There are still some brands out there selling less than high-quality silicone. We know because we acquired and inspected rings from many dubious manufacturers. But Swagmat only uses food-grade, pure silicone which also offers the best feel and comfort.

Unlike some cheaper metal rings that contain nickel, you are less likely to get skin irritation from wearing Swagmat women's silicone rings.

That being said, although very rare, it still is possible to get a 'silicone allergy' which would be indicated by a slightly raised rash or itchy bumpy skin. 

6. Has No Smell

That's right, our silicone bands don't smell. I've been wearing my silicone rings day in, day out for 6 years now and never noticed any odor. I've never seen a single review from any of the thousands of women's reviews from our customers to counter our claim.

I only mention it here as... 

...our research uncovered complaints from women of a bad odor when they've bought silicone rings elsewhere.

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7. Don’t Tear Easily | Long-Lasting

Woman's Swagmat silicone ring caught on nail on door will not harm her finger

Swagmat silicone ring caught on nail will not harm the woman's finger

I'm still wearing a couple of the same bands I've had since 2015 and although I'm not a carpenter or mechanic I do ride a motorcycle and wear my rings on my right hand.  The use of the throttle hasn't done anything to wear or tear them off. I travel a lot too... at least I used to. It's June 2021 now. When will this pandemic end?

If someone ever did have this issue with a silicone ring purchased from us, they only need to reach out and we would replace it anyway. Thanks to our unique and epic warranty.

8. Lifetime Warranty

Swagmat Warranty Card

Swagmat's famous FREE replacement warranty for any purchase that does not fit is very popular!

Yep, It doesn't get much better than that. Remember, we replace any ring, anywhere, any time with free shipping and no need to return it. Just reach out to us and tell us what the issue is and avail our exclusive lifetime guarantee.

9. No ‘Gridline’ Dual Colors In Center So Rings Won’t Split

Stripe Silicone Ring Split

Silicone rings with a color down the middle are often separate pieces of silicone. A weakness in design that makes it easier to tear.

These silicone rings are much less popular now than they used to be. A possible reason is that they received mixed reviews. We've come across many negative reviews for these rings and many images showing that the dual color rings with the different color rubber running down the center have split.

They are not one piece so they are prone to splitting and... well that's the end of that ring. Hence you won't find any of these types of rings in our women's or men's catalog. You never could have and never will. 

Incidentally, If want to learn more about men's silicone rings check out our buyers guide here on silicone rings for men.

10. Vast Sizing Options

That's right. For most of our catalog, we do half sizes to help those achieve just the right fit. We also go as low as size 3.5 in some women's collections and as high as 17 (in men's/unisex catalog). So it shouldn't be difficult to find your best size silicone ring with us.

11. Top Service 

Our customer service is well renowned. In fact, that makes up for a significant portion of our 5-star reviews.

Mostly because people are so pleasantly surprised after getting a little stressed because they ordered the wrong size, even though they were naughty and didn't check out our ring sizing video and guide here. 

They were pleasantly surprised because we still gave them their new pack in the size they needed. Now that's true unconditional love, isn't it?

With Ever Swagmat Ring Pack You get 50% Off Next Purchase

Oh, I almost forgot. In every pack sold there is a 50% off coupon for your next purchase from anything in our catalog. So if you want new colors or styles or a friend or significant other wants a pack, you know what to do.

12. Fast Shipping

You have a choice of 5-6 days standard or 2 days delivery. Select your choice in the cart and you're off to the races. If there is some kind of 'epic' weather in the way... you know. Can't be helped. We typically fill your order in 12-48 hours. 

13. Great Reviews Speak for Themselves

We have thousands of 5-star reviews and make up the larger portion of all reviews by a long shot!

Here are some little snippets of what some of our customers have to say so you can see for yourself.

Those two reviews before weren't enough huh? Okay here's two more ya review binger! Remember, you can click to enlarge.

Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings
Review of Swagmat customer service for silicone rings


What is the best silicone wedding ring?

Well... our 'Mineshaft Black' or a 'Boulder Gray' Swagmat silicone wedding ring goes with anything but all of our rings are affordable, durable, and comfortable. We have many unique styles to sort through. Perhaps choose a stackable for a change.

What is the best silicone ring brand?

I just gave 13 reasons why I think Swagmat is the best, but... I am biased.

Are silicone wedding bands Safe?

A Swagmat Silicone wedding ring is safe to wear as detailed above, yes.

What’s the point of silicone wedding rings?

They keep your ring finger safe from de-gloving accidents (ring avulsion). A metal ring that gets caught on something can do some serious and I might add, nasty, damage to your hand. Although durable, a silicone ring will tear instead of your skin and other finger tissue.

How long do silicone rings last?

Depends on how they are worn. Perhaps if you work all day with your hands it might not be quite as long as someone like me who uses a keyboard most of the time. I've been wearing a couple of mine since 2015. That's 6 years and they still, look and feel as good as when I first put them on.

What size silicone ring should I buy?

That's easy. Check out our ring size guide here and check out our catalog and feel free to purchase whatever you like as a gift or for yourself. But if you had to choose an option, our stackable rings are the sort of silicone product women love most these days.

Do silicone rings stink?

As I detailed in this article Swagmat silicone rings do not stink or have any perceivable odor at all. 


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