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Classic Neutral Silicone Rings Set


If you’re into those neutral earthy skin tones that have been so popular the past few years, you can always opt for our classic neutral silicone option.

They’re not just beautiful but less flashy with their very minimal and sleek design. 

For some additional features and benefits for these rings… read on!

  • They’re made of soft, stretchy rubber material that is flexible and fits any lifestyle.
  • They’re super light, so many people who wear them forget that they have a ring on at all. 
  • Given the affordable price, it’s a wonder you still have seven rings to choose from. 
  • Best of all you can choose from a large variety of colors to pick the right one for your mood or outfit for the day. For example, going into the great outdoors!? Go for any rings in this pack!
  • These are designed to move with you. Their flexibility fits the unique shape of your finger.
  • They provide significantly more comfort, airflow, and a superior fit. 
  • These rings won’t feel too loose in the hot summer months or become too tight in the cooler winter months. They can withstand high and low temperatures and still retain their original shape and size.