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Classic Silicone Rings For Women


Wear Swagmat silicone rings in place of your precious metal rings for rugged conditions. Our silicone rings for women have been popular since 2016 and new styles and colors always coming out.

Does the idea of going for a run, hitting the gym, doing the gardening or working with your hands inside surgical gloves while wearing your metal wedding ring sound like a not so good idea? Imagine being able to do all those things while wearing your wedding ring carefree. Not to mention hiking, climbing, shooting, surfing, cooking and many other activities that end in -ing.

A new but growing trend for women everywhere is to wear silicone wedding rings in place of their precious metal rings for rugged conditions. The point being that some work or outdoor activities are unsuited for wearing a precious metal wedding band or require you to remove your metal ring. Metal rings can get scuffed or scratched and even bent out of shape. Worse still you could cause yourself injury in certain activities which could get your finger bent out of shape. Jimmy Fallon almost had to have his finger amputated just from a freak fall while wearing his wedding ring. Don’t Google ring avulsion. It might be worth mentioning that in certain places it’s not always best to flash around gold or other precious metals too much. If the ‘Girl from Ipanema’ was married, we probably wouldn’t know as she was too cautious to flaunt a wedding ring around. No wonder she “She looks straight ahead – not at he”.

Anyway, bossa nova lyrics aside, there is a better way to wear a wedding ring for all these conditions and keep your precious metal wedding ring safe and your ring finger too. Swagmat has you covered with these 5.5mm silicone wedding bands. Here’s what you get.

FDA medical grade hypoallergenic silicone rubber means you won’t get a skin irritation
• The tapered domed finish of these rings suggests they won’t get caught on things easily
• Packaged in a durable, branded zip-lock bag for easy storage
• Debossed logo inside ring confirms the genuine product
Large range of sizes – and growing list of color ranges
• Simple, clean, unassuming design to match any apparel
• 5.5mm wide (0.22 inch) being a touch wider than the average American women’s wedding ring of 4-5mm gives the rings their higher tensile strength and greater durability.
• 2mm thick (1/16 inch or about as wide as a nickle), so it doesn’t have a chunky look or feel

For the range of four colors in this pack, combined with our quality and awesome service it should be an easy decision to snap one of these up. Plus, if you like your first choice, keep coming back from time to time as our product lines increases in colors and design. Our 4-Ring classic packs are the original in 5.5mm design. The Levi 501s of our silicone ring designs. Enough said… except, one… more.. thing.

There is no written law that says men can’t or shouldn’t wear a 5.5mm wide ring. We haven’t come across any of our male customers wearing any yet but we’re eagerly waiting. Send us in a pic wearing this width yet or write in and tell us, but we’d love to showcase the photo;) Remember, at 5.5mm they’re only ½ a millimetre thinner than the average men’s metal wedding ring anyway.