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Classic Midnight Silicone Rings


This design is very powerful and elegant, this is fit for a modish and exquisite look, day or night. 

These rings are made of a soft, stretch rubber material that is flexible and fits any lifestyle.

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Don’t want to scratch and bend your precious metal wedding ring? Or If you are working in a job that involves your metal rings getting caught and will cause ring avulsion – Google that, only if you dare! – Swagmat silicone wedding ring is here for you!

These 3 pack silicone rings will change your life at work, gym and participating in outdoor activities. These rubber wedding bands for men are super light. Many of our customers have said in reviews that they don’t even notice they are wearing them most of the time. That results in the ideal comfort while enjoying your outdoor activities or working hard.

Looking for more information before you buy?

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Product Specifications:

  • 3 Ring Pack
  • 8.7mm wide (.34 inch)
  • 2mm thick (1/16 inch about as wide as a nickel)
  • Color available: Black, Gray and Blue silicone band

Product Features:

  • Non-conductive rings, eliminating shock and burning during electrical contact .
  • Made with the highest silicone grade and hypoallergenic; perfect for all skin types.
  • These silicone bands have a high tensile strength and are durable so under day to day wear and tear they are less likely to split.
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