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Clone of Classic Silicone Rings For Men


If you’re looking for a well-balanced and very minimal vibe, well this design is created exactly for you. 

These rings are high performance in any situation. They’re made of a soft, stretchy rubber that’s adaptable to any lifestyle.


Classic Silicone Rings for men:

Still don’t know what silicone ring bands are? Swagmat has you covered, with our single pack active ring, whether you lift weights, biking, running, climbing, trekking, diving or in to crossfitness.

Enjoy any active lifestyle without worrying about losing and damaging your precious wedding ring. These mens silicone wedding bands are the best alternative ring to those who are making a living with their hands and still want to wear and show people the symbol of love for his or partner partner.

For all these activities and professions Swagmat silicone mens wedding rings are perfect for you! They’re simple but classy with the logo on the inside, not the outside where it should not be.

Need for more information on making your purchasing decision?

Look no further than our men’s buyers guide here on Silicone Rings For Men

Product Specification:

  • Single Ring Pack
  • 8.7mm wide (.34 inch)
  • 2mm thick (1/16 inch about as wide as a nickel)
  • Color available: Cloud Bursts Blue, Mine Shaft Black, Emperor Gray, Boulder Gray and Silver Sand.

Product Features:

  • Made with the highest silicone grade that won’t stretch over-time.
  • These silicone bands have a high tensile strength meaning they are less likely to split under day-to-day wear and tear.
  • Hypoallergenic that are perfect for all skin types.
  • Non-conductive rings, perfect for people whose work involves electricity.

Whitesmoke, Cloud Burst Blue, Mine Shaft Black, Emperor Gray, Boulder Gray, Teal, Camo, Olive Green