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Classic Stackable Silicone Rings


This set features the most sophisticated design, its notably thinner footprint.

This gives them a more urbane look, flexible enough to be worn on all occasions.

For some additional features and benefits for these rings… read on!

  • They’re made of soft, stretch silicone rubber material that’s flexible and fits any lifestyle.
  • Swagmat Classic Stackable Silicone Rings are designed to move with you. 
  • They provide significantly more comfort, airflow, and a superior fit.
  • If you feel as though other designs are a bit too chunky, well this is the ring for you.
  • They’re a super sleek, thinner band, one the best options for women.
  • They are the most affordable on the market for the quality.
  • Most of our happy customers wear several or all of these at the same time.
  • You can check it out on our Instagram account!